ReviewPush provides a centralized dashboard that pulls in Internet reviews of a single business from a large representation of social media users. Business leaders can then assess both good and bad reviews, respond to unhappy reviewers, and resolve conflicts. This process allows a business to control their Internet presence and perception and increase their reputability with current and potential customers.

ReviewPush offers three interfaces: a mobile app, a website that allows users to submit business feedback, and another website that encourages users to share their feedback with individual review sites. I had the privilege of creating UI designs for all three interfaces.


I worked remotely with company CEO to create preliminary mockups and final products.

Dashboard Mobile App

Dashboard Mobile App

I loved the idea of turning a full-featured web application into a mobile application for an iPad or iPhone. I analyzed the existing desktop experience and translated that experience into a centralized mobile dashboard for easy, on-the-go review management.

As part of my user-centered design, I:

  • Determined visual priorities.
  • Crafted a layout design that emphasized important features.
  • Fashioned the navigation bar to mimic the desktop version for consistency and ease of use.
  • Utilized photo placement to the left of reviews to increase the human element.

For the websites, I made sure to create designs that would maintain their aesthetic and functionality on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

As part of my user-centered design, I:

  • Used colors and icons to visually clarify the different review types.
  • Used white space and other design elements to illuminate the review process and guide the user through the steps.

Dashboard Mobile App

The most important aspect of the dashboard app was the ability for users to determine whether a review was positive or negative and its posting location with a simple glance. To make those items visually prominent, I incorporated the logo of the posting location's website directly under the reviewer’s picture. I also used eye-catching icons to designate whether a review was bad, neutral, or good.

Reviews are truncated into a preview format so that users can scroll easily and have full control of selecting the reviews they want to see fully.

Sumbit Feedback Website

The success of the app is dependent on encouraging clients to submit feedback for various representations of the company—so providing a platform for reviews within the app was important. The page’s simplicity incorporates feedback options in the form of easily selectable icons. Additionally, we made the decision to add the company logo to increase the user’s confidence that they are submitting a review for the correct company.

After a user selects a feedback type, the other icons, header, and logo disappear as the form loads on the screen, clearly illuminating the process for the user. The user then enters their review and selects the submit button, which triggers a confirmation page with the company logo to reinforce the user’s confidence that it was submitted correctly and for the right company.

Submit Feedback

Submit Feedback Website

Share Feedback

After the customer chooses a rating, this page makes it easy for them to submit the rating and review on a major review website to increase visibility to potential clients. Even though the concept of this page is simple, I wanted to ensure that the design was especially user-friendly and easy for users to share their reviews.

The page is uncluttered to reinforce the simplicity of the action the website encourages users to perform. This design element also allows for optimal viewing on mobile devices. The icons present on the page are consistent with external brand logos and colors to meet user expectations. Additionally, the wrong address link is right next to the location so that users can easily find correct an incorrect address.

Share Feedback

Share Feedback Website

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